Here’s my story

Dear Bride,


My childhood home stood in a fairy tale forest, with beautiful oak and chestnut trees. It was an excellent setting for a daydreamer’s homespun stories.

When I was a teenager, our family was swept away and moved to Thailand, where there were new and exotic legends to explore. Here I began to hone my crude sewing and pattern-making skills, under the watchful eye of the costume-maker of the Thai Royal Ballet and a royal descendant herself. I spent every Saturday in her atelier until I graduated from high school.

My quest to create beautiful things took me to London where I studied costume design at Central Saint Martin’s art college and the London College of Fashion. After my studies I worked in the costume department for theatre, film and television where I made costumes for actresses, including Elle Fanning, Kristen Stewart and Angelina Jolie.

My roots in the world of preforming arts are still a major influence on my work and give my designs a theatrical flare. I also draw my inspiration from elegant times gone by, like the Belle Époque and Hollywood’s Golden Era.

My world is one of inventing stories and bringing them to life. Every relationship is a fairy tale in its own right and on your wedding day you should feel like the star. Each bride is individual with her own unique personality. My designs are one-of pieces, which is why getting to know each bride is so important.

A relationship is a story written by two people; a wedding is the day when they read it out to the world. I should love to help you to tell your story.


Hannelore Cauwenbergh


About MilleFeuille

MilleFeuille is a young Belgian company which has moved away from off-the-peg dresses and brings back the personal touch to bridal fashion. Each garment is imagined, designed and manufactured with love and devotion in our workshop in Leuven. The finish and details enjoy the same dedication and attention as the creative process.


Nathalie Kronal and Veerle Verbert


Lien Cauwenbergh

Special thanks

Mia Geysens, Johan Cauwenbergh, Lien Cauwenbergh, and Pascale Geulleaume.