The Journey

In a fairytale,the story and its characters are the crucial source of inspiration to a designer. Likewise, the inspiration for your dress comes from you and your story; who you are, your husband-to-be, your treasures, favourite artist…

After getting better acquainted over a cup of tea, I get started with designing. Together we will discuss the ideas and narrow them all down to one final design. Then we are ready to set sail. Your unique dress will be transformed from a few lines on a page to gorgeous reality.

The first few fittings are in a test fabric. This way we can see how the dress looks on your body and if there are any changes we want to make to the design. In the mean time, I go hunting for fabric samples, which I bring to the fittings to make our selection.

When we are completely happy with the shape, the dress will be made in the chosen fabric. A couple more fittings follow to make sure the dress fits like a glove and then you are ready to shine!

Like on every wonderful journey, there are some practical things to take care of…

As you can probably tell, a lot of time goes into this process so I usually suggest a six months time period. This way, you are also not rushed in the decision-making.

Also, I say dress, but really…we can go any direction you want.

If you have any questions or cannot wait to get started, feel free to contact me